Can you hear me now?

I am a woman. I have a voice. It may be different from yours, but it is neither better nor less than yours. Don’t just agree or disagree but listen. I don’t need justification from anyone. I vote. Period.

As a little girl I spent an enormous amount of time with my paternal grandparents. On more than one occasion my grandmother would take me to the local campaign headquarters where she volunteered but it was only because I was under her watch, not once did she ever try to influence my path of political beliefs. Her gift to me on my 18th birthday was taking me to register to vote. Her words of wisdom were simply to make my own choices and become informed. I did and still do. She wasn’t the only one to teach me that, but my parents and grandfather instilled it in me as well. There is a variety of political beliefs in my family and I contribute that to the fact that we were encouraged to do our own digging and not rely on someone else’s opinion.

Fox News will give you the Conservative spin while MSNBC will give you the liberal spin. You cannot simply rely on either to give you the facts. For me, I use a variety of sites like,, and by going to the government websites to read the actual document myself. No matter what state you’re in, they give you the entire amendment being voted on to read, either online or by request.  Websites like and only give you opinions. They are skewed and flawed and facts are completely warped to fit their personal agendas.

Stop labeling yourself and simply create your own ideas and own them. Fancy rhetoric and other people’s opinions won’t influence me. Encourage people to get involved and use their voice but don’t try to influence it.

I choose to use my voice as a woman because that is who I am. I am a wife and that voice will reflect in my vote as well but that does not mean my husband makes that choice for me. I am also a mother and that voice will now reflect my daughter until she has the ability to choose her own path. So, I must choose wisely and intelligently. Voting is the most powerful megaphone you can use so I encourage you to use your voice however you so choose but I ask that you use it by educating yourself.


One Response to Can you hear me now?

  1. TommyK says:

    People don’t want to educate themselves. They would rather be told who to vote for and move on to the next thing. But ask them who their favorite houswife is on one of those “Real Housewifes” shows, and they will give you a 30 minute lecture on each person. People don’t educate themselves about politics because it takes too much time and it requires that you actually think for yourself.

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