I Give Up

Apparently, Ann Coulter feels no remorse for using the ugly word “retard” several times (here, here, and here for example, and there are links to more write-ups in the links provided) in reference to President Obama and his supporters.  I guess one would have to have a heart for that to happen, and Coulter is either cold-hearted or heartless.  Either way, she is pretty much the scum of the earth.  And I give up trying to make sense of her comments, and I give up hope that she might realize how offensive what she said was.

In the interview linked to above, Coulter said she chose the word for the following:

“because it’s a synonym for ‘loser.’ “

It does not take a rocket scientist, or someone with a vocabulary more expansive that Ann Coulter’s to figure out she is full of it.  According to thesaurus.com, synonyms for loser are:

also-ran, deadbeat, defeated, disadvantaged, down-and-outer, dud, failure, flop, flunkee, has-been, underdog, underprivileged

In case I missed it, does “retard” appear in there anywhere?  I didn’t think so.  So maybe Ann Coulter needs a refresher course in what exactly a synonym is, just so she does not make such a false claim in the future (but if you know anything about Ann Coulter, you know that her vile spewings are false most of the time, and almost always hate-filled).

She went on to defend herself by claiming that the “spokespeople” for disabled people have not come out against what she said:

“No disabled people are saying it, the spokesmen for the disabled.”

And who exactly are the “spokespeople” for the disabled?  People like me, maybe?  People who have a child or a family member or a friend who has a disability like autism, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, etc.?  Newsflash Ann, I am a “spokesperson” for someone with a disability, and I am offended and demand that you stop using the word.  Does that do it for you?  Sadly, I think you will not care, because you are a heartless piece of garbage.

No matter how Ann Coulter tries to justify her hatred of people, there is no defending using such ugly words to describe anybody.  I guess when you have limited or diminished brain functioning, like Ann Coulter seems to have, you have to resort to using ugly words to feel better about yourself.  Ann Coulter is a sad human being.  If she were not such a hate-filled person, I would almost say that people should feel sorry for her.  For some reason, people are lining up to defend her, and I know that some of these defenders most likely have someone who would be offended by being called a “retard” by anybody; shoot, I bet some of the people defending her have feigned being outraged when that word has been used to describe a loved one.  You cannot have it both ways.

I have said it before, and will repeat it as often as needed, I am all for disagreement when it comes to politics, and I believe that you should own your views.  I do not, however, believe that you should resort to vile hatred of the other side.  Ann Coulter spews vile hate because that is the only way that she feels she can make her point.  She is wrong.  I do not expect her to support President Obama, even if his policies got unemployment to 0%, we had no debt or budget deficit (please do not use them interchangeably, they are different), and gas was $1.00 a gallon.  What I do expect is her, and people like her, to have some sort of civility and decency in them.  I know that is asking too much of Ann Coulter, is it asking too much of you?


7 Responses to I Give Up

  1. athenivandx says:

    The only way for us to make a change is to hit her in the wallet. Find out which bookstores sell her books and get in touch with them, letting them know how we feel. Threaten to boycott those booksellers and get other advocates on board. Find out who her sponsors are and do the same.

    Andrea, an autistic adult

    • TommyK says:

      I agree. Money is a huge motivator for sponsors, etc., but I really believe that she just does not really care. She seems to think using such language is OK, and tries to justify it in any way possible. Sadly, there is a segment of the population who will agree with and defend her. The word she used is offensive on so many levels, and I doubt that many people with even a shred of common sense would think of “loser” when they hear that word uttered about someone. She is off base.

  2. athenivandx says:

    She will be forced to care if we hit her hard enough in the wallet. That means enough people have to be upset enough to boycott booksellers that sell her books, and companies that sponsor her. Therefore we advocates should compile a list of booksellers which sell her books, call them up and explain why we are calling and what our concerns are, tell them what actions we would like them to take (we need to decide that as a community. That could take some time). We also need some allies who don’t have telephone anxiety, to make those cold calls. Then we need to decide “if the bookstore doesn’t do this, then we will boycott” decide what the parameters are for issuing a call to boycott. Then look up alternatives to that particular bookstore so that people outside the self advocacy community have a way to boycott and find other places to get their books, without being too inconvenienced. It sucks but if things are made easier for people they are more likely to follow along.

    There are even more logistics we need to think of. But let’s do this. We need to act if we want to be taken seriously. We need many hands on deck, because this is a many-person job.


    • TommyK says:

      You are 100% right. It’s like anything else though, and the movement would have to start small. Eventually, especially if people follow along with us, the impact would be huge. The best place to start will be with family and friends and let it expand from there.

      I will start recruiting some people to get on board who I know are not afraid to let their voice be heard.

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