Much To My Surprise

Just for kicks, and partially driven by what seems to be a constant skewering of my opinions on several sites (especially when I dare to ask a question regarding abortion.  People think I misunderstand things that are said.), I posted this as my Facebook status this afternoon:

“Thinking about just asking all of my friends on here how I should vote.  Everyone has their opinion and seems to be more than happy to tell me I am an idiot for having mine.”

Like I said, I did it more or less just for fun, and to see what kind of comments it would generate.  I figured there would be an influx of people who would be more than happy to tell me (not suggest) to vote one way or the other.  My honest guess was that there would be a lot of people telling me to vote for Mitt Romney, at least judging by the posts of my Facebook friends (it seems the Obama supporters I know refrain from being “in your face” with who they support while Romney folks seem to be more than happy to belittle Obama and his supporters).

Much to my surprise, as of this writing, no commenter has outright said to vote for either Romney or President Obama.  A few suggested that I do my research, which I do.  I probably am more informed (patting myself on the back a little) than a good portion of the electorate, so research was not the issue.  One friend gave me his opinion, which I already knew from a prolonged and productive discussion earlier in the month.  One friend sent me a text to ask who pissed me off (nobody, by the way), while another sent me why she was voting the way that she was.

I engaged each commenter respectfully, because that is how they approached my status.  I appreciate that, across the board, they seem to be informed voters and are steadfast in their selection.  I very much respect that they did not get into bashing either candidate.  The comments and texts that I received were a surprise given what I see from some people on Facebook and the abuse I have taken on some sites when I have presented certain material.

The conclusion that seemed to be the most agreeable, but sadly the most unworkable, would be to vote every single one of them out of office and start over.  Let’s be honest here, regardless of party affiliation, no politician really knows or remembers what it is like to be you or me.  They are not “in touch” with the issues that we face every day, and certainly would rather pander to a small segment of people than to someone like me.  No politician, with the possible exception of Vice President Biden, really wants to know what I really think about things.  I honestly think Mr. Biden would be interesting to talk to, and would be someone who I could be open with.  I get that it is unrealistic to think that any politician can be effective while reaching out to a common person like me, but it is not out of the realm of possibility for them to at least make an effort.  And I am not talking about some 2 minute encounter that is more for the cameras than for solutions.  I am talking about a politician getting up the guts to sit down with me and have a real conversation.  I’ll buy any of them lunch or they can come over to my house for dinner if they want.  Sadly, my money is safe.

As I wrote to end my previous entry, please feel free to comment.  If you comment, be smart and be civil.  If you want to demean me or another commenter on here, don’t waste your time commenting in the first place; start your own blog and spew your hate there.


3 Responses to Much To My Surprise

  1. mickey64 says:

    I did my research very carefully. I’m not the type to vote based on one debate or just what I hear from the candidates.
    Gov. Romney talks about creating 20 million jobs but not once have I heard him articulate just how. I figured that’s because he has no plans or any definite ideas. I have heard economists, like Simon Johnson of MIT, say that Romney’s ideas are at best ‘wishful thinking’. He says he is a businessman who made millions. He was an investor who started Bain Capital; made his millions by running American companies into bankruptcy and shifting those jobs to China. How can I befieve what he says about getting tough with China? Even today his company, Bain Capital, is shutting down ‘Sensata’ and moving the manufacturing to China. I feel that Romney will say anything to get votes but is in fact fooling people who are desperately seeking employment. I find that an abomination.

    President Obama inherited one of the worst economies since the depression. He had to first concentrate his efforts on stabilizing the situation without letting the country slip into a depression and stop more families from foreclosing their homes. I feel he did a magnificent job with that. He has created 4 million private sector jobs and two days back we heard that the economy improved at a much faster pace. Based on these developments,I have decided that President Obama has earned my trust and deserves 4 more years to continue with his plans. He has my vote!!!

    • TommyK says:

      I’m right there with you. The CBO has estimated that if nothing is done over the next 4 years, 12 million jobs will be created. Taking that from the 20 million Romney estimates he would create, you have 8 million jobs, or approximately twice the number created since President Obama took office. Wishful thinking is accurate.

      I look at not only what you have cited regarding President Obama’s record and what he inherited, and have to also add the addition of the Affordable Care Act to the equation. As a parent of a child with autism, the cost of therapies and treatments would be budget-busters in my house if our insurance company placed a lifetime cap on coverage. With no lifetime cap, we are free to pursue aggressive treatments if we desire, and we are not bound by shopping for the best price, only the best treatments. Likewise, should my wife or I change jobs, which is likely at some point before our daughter is responsible for her own insurance (26 thanks to ACA!), we will not be denied coverage for her “pre-existing condition.”

      Has President Obama done everything I had hoped for back in 2008? Nope, and I think he would be the first to admit that. Can I answer in the affirmative the question, “am I better off now than I was 4 years ago?” Yes, I can. Based on everything above and so much more, I too will cast my vote for President Obama.

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