Hypocritical Much?

Hypocritical:  of the nature of hypocrisy, or pretense of having virtues, beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually possess.  (source)

I did not intend to write this entry today, but sometimes I get frustrated with blatant hypocrisy.  And this is one of those times.  I opened my homepage this morning (MSN.com) and saw a link for an article about Mike Huckabee.  It stated that “Huckabee issues ‘test of fire.'”  That caught my eye.

I was not surprised by what I read, either.  Basically, Huckabee challenges Christians to vote to not incur the wrath of God after this upcoming election.  He warns that the wrath of God will come to those who vote for President Obama.  Fearmonger much there Mike?  According to Huckabee, there are a few issues that are “non-negotiable:”

The right to life from conception to natural death and marriage.

In itself, Huckabee’s “non-negotiable” issues are not newsworthy, or even worthy of me writing about.  But then I read his quote again (maybe so as not to be accused as “misunderstanding” it like I have often been accused recently), and what stuck out to me was the “natural death” part.  To me, natural death is when a person dies of natural causes, or at least not at the hands of another person.  Which, in turn, led me to search for Mr. Huckabee’s stance and record on the death penalty, which is not really a “natural death” and is, by definition, a homicide (I included a link so that people do not misunderstand what I am saying and can see for themselves.  You’re welcome).

Mr. Huckabee, it turns out, is in favor of the death penalty.  In fact, he bragged about it in an interview:

Q: Is it true that during your ten-plus years of governor of Arkansas, you oversaw 1,033 pardons and commutations of prisoners, including 12 murders?

A: I actually carried out the death penalty 16 times more than any governor in my state’s history…

Interesting.  He is pro-life when it comes to in the womb, but is pro-death outside the womb.  Hypocritical much?  His stance is, in essence, the stance of a majority of self-identified conservatives/Republicans (notice, I did not say “all”).  Pro-life in the womb, pro-death outside the womb.  That does not jive with me.

Now, maybe you could parse my position on abortion and say that I am the opposite, but that would be a stretch.  I am not pro-abortion (there is a difference between pro-choice and pro-abortion), so that claim would not hold much water.  I am not in favor of the death penalty at all.  Does that mean that if a member of my family were to be murdered that I would not want justice?  Not at all.  But I also know that executing the murderer would not bring my loved one back.

Mr. Huckabee, before you call on voters to beware of God’s wrath when they vote, maybe you should examine your position on how much you really value human life.  If you did, you would realize that you want to play God yourself; you want to tell women they have no choice on what they can do with their body, and you want to act as the metaphorical executioner.  For someone who advocates for smaller government, you sure want the government to exert control over an awful lot.  Enjoy your hypocrisy.

As always, please feel free to comment if you feel so driven.  But please make your comment in an intelligent manner and without attacking personally any others who choose to comment.  If you want to attack me or any commenters personally, start your own blog and go to town.

8 Responses to Hypocritical Much?

  1. Nice post! Though Huckabee’s opinions are appalling, they aren’t entirely surprising. It’s truly disheartening how many extremist right wingers share this view.

    • TommyK says:


      It is rare that I come across many extremists who do not share this view. It is a sad commentary on their view. “In womb good, out of womb, we could care less” should be their slogan. It is more of their “smaller government” at work; they want to tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies and be able to execute people who commit murders. You really cannot be truly “pro-life” if you in any way, shape, or form support the death penalty.

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