One of the things that makes our country great is our collective resiliency.  When something tragic or major happens, we, as a country, rally together like nobody’s business.

What has been even more impressive, and is probably a sad commentary on our political landscape, is that people like me are compelled to share how shocked they are that Governor Chris Christie and President Obama are working as a strong team in response to what Hurricane Sandy did to New Jersey.  (To be fair, President Obama is also looking out for the residents of New York, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland, and every state impacted by the storm.)

Governor Christie, if you are not familiar, is a vocal critic of President Obama and ardent supporter of Mitt Romney.  He is known to speak his mind, and really does not care what you or I think about him.  I disagree with many of Christie’s views and positions, but I have respect for him for speaking his mind and pulling no punches.  If he is asked a question, he answers it with his honest opinion and true feelings.  He is similar to Vice President Joe Biden in that respect.  It is refreshing. 

Governor Christie has taken some heat this week from his Republican base for his praise of how President Obama has handled the approaching storm and its aftermath.  I don’t understand why he is being criticized.  He is looking out for the residents of his state, and the President is looking out for them as well.  That is what our leaders are supposed to do.

I want to thank the president for coming here today. It’s really important to have the president of the United States acknowledge all the suffering that’s going on here in New Jersey and I appreciate it very much.  We’re going to work together to make sure we get ourselves through this crisis and get everything back to normal.

Governor Chris Christie

The quote above is just one of the many that Christie has offered in praising President Obama.  President Obama has similarly been effusive in his praise for Governor Christie.

It is a sad commentary on our country as well that, in the face of and response to a crisis, Governor Christie and President Obama are criticized for working together to help those who need it most.  Two men on polar opposites of the political spectrum dropped their egos and their talking points at the door and are working together.  Yes, the campaigning starts again today for President Obama, and yes, I expect Governor Christie to campaign for Mitt Romney before Tuesday, but the tone on both sides should have changed.  Each man can point to their collective efforts this week and have evidence that our leaders are most effective when they work together across party lines.  Hurricane Sandy spared nobody based off of their political affiliation, and these two men have done the same in their response to the storm.

We will never get to a point in this country where the partisan bickering will cease, or to a point where campaigns will act mature and civil toward each other.  That is just the state of our country.  What the response to Sandy shows is that there is hope that leaders from both parties can and are willing to work together to solve problems.  Disaster response is not about smaller government or socialism or redistribution, it is about working together and doing what needs to be done.

I applaud Governor Christie for standing up to his critics who have given him heat about his praise of President Obama.  I applaud President Obama in being proactive in literally getting in front of the storm and having FEMA prepared for immediate response.  It cannot be easy for either man to not let some of the personal stuff that has been said creep into their heads at all times, but it says a lot about their character for them to put party differences aside and work together for the greater good of those impacted by Sandy.



2 Responses to Impressed

  1. Bipartisanship is the only way America can ever truly thrive and prosper. Sad to see that when two politicians from seemingly opposite sides of the political spectrum appear to be in support of each other, they are criticized to no end. That’s America for you.

    • TommyK says:

      It really is sad. The partisan divide has been bad for most of my lifetime, but it has gotten worse with the growth of the Tea Party. They really are the “my way or the highway” people, and are dividing our country even more. It really makes me sick.

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