Be Smart, Please

4 days is all that are left in the Election Season.  4 days until votes will be cast and counted, and 4 days until a winner is declared (hopefully).

But 4 days is not all that remains in President Obama’s first term.  I would really like people to be smarter than they are showing.  Really and truly, I would.

If Mitt Romney is declared the winner on November 6, he does not take office November 7.  The same way that President Obama did not take office the Wednesday after the election in 2008, Romney would have to wait until noon on January 20, 2013 to officially be the President.  Up until that time, he would be President-elect, and be virtually powerless to shape legislation in the two and a half months until Inauguration Day.

If President Obama wins re-election next Tuesday, his second term would not begin until January 20 as well.  The only difference would be that there would be no need for a transition team to be in place because no transition would be necessary.

So tonight, when you are watching highlights of a Mitt Romney rally or a Paul Ryan rally, and they start a “4 more days” chant, I need you to be smarter than them.  It is scary that the two men at the top of the Republican ticket would enthusiastically lead a crowd in a chant that is so very obviously incorrect.

As for me, I like to keep things simple, so I will go with “4 more years” and be just fine.


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