Not Even Trying

At this point, it seems like Republicans are not even trying anymore.  Or maybe they are trying and really do not care at all.  Either way, for a party obsessed with “smaller government,” they sure want to legislate a lot, including, but not limited to, what a woman can or cannot do with her body.

While the vote by North Dakota Senate candidate Rick Berg takes us for a ride on the “Way Back Machine,” the fact that Mitt Romney has made a commercial backing him should tell you a lot about what a Romney presidency would look like for women’s rights.  And it is scary.

It seems that Rick Berg, back in 2007, voted on legislation that would make is a Class AA felony for a woman who is raped or impregnated by incest to have an abortion.  If you want to see for yourself, click here, but in North Dakota, a Class AA felony is the most serious felony you can commit.  Yes, the most serious felony you can commit.  Basically, Mr. Berg voted to make felons out of rape victims.  Fabulous.  The sentence for these rape victims, in addition to a lifetime of psychological torment?  Life in prison.  That’s right, again.  Rick Berg voted to have a law put on the books in North Dakota that would send a rape victim to prison for the rest of her life if she had an abortion.  Awesome.

Which brings me to those who want to outlaw abortion, but maybe want to leave exceptions on the books for rape, incest, and life of the mother.  (Note, do not confuse my asking that question to a friend and my subsequent posts (here, here, here, and here) that addressed the backlash I felt because of the question.  I am not pro-choice some of the time, I am pro-choice all of the time.  Again, that does not mean that I am necessarily all for abortions on every corner, but I digress).  Back to the first sentence of this segment.  Outlawing abortion with some exceptions.  Click here to read a wonderful piece by a prosecutor.  I cannot put it any better and will not try.

I know this, or at least believe this:  it is scary to think of a Mitt Romney presidency, a Republican House, and a Republican Senate.  It is scary that the rights of women would be rolled back a century or more.  It is scary to think that my wife or my daughter will become 2nd or 3rd class citizens.  Where would it stop?  First it would be controlling what a woman can do with her body, then voting rights, then what?  Would my wife have to ask me before spending any money?  Would she have to ask me before going outside to check the mail?  What about my daughter?  Would she be like an indentured servant to her husband, should she choose to get married?  Would she even have the choice, or would it be mandated that she get married by a certain age?

As always, I invite comments and discussion.  You may have read something on here that you disagree with, and I invite you to share if you have.  I also remind you to keep your comments smart and to the point.  Do not bother attacking me personally for anything I have written; you can do that on your own blog.  Do not bother making personal attacks on any commenters, either.  Be an adult.




10 Responses to Not Even Trying

  1. I look at abortion the same way I look at guns. Just because you hold the right doesn’t mean you use it. Because I hold the right to choose doesn’t mean I will get an abortion. Because I hold the right to own a gun doesn’t mean I will kill someone. If we outlaw abortion because women may kill their unborn child then we should outlaw guns because people may kill someone. Then why not stop there, let’s outlaw knives because someone can use that to kill someone. Morally, they are all wrong so let’s outlaw them all. Throw that 13 year old rape victim in prison for the rest of her life for getting an abortion, that’ll teach her to be raped and not want a baby at the tender age of 13! Force her to walk the halls of her school pregant feeling ashamed and embarrarsed for being raped so she can be forced to carry to term and give the baby up for adoption. Because 13 year olds are so understanding and compassionate. Now they can either all know she was raped or make up their own rumors about her. As if she doesn’t have enough to deal with already let’s throw all that on her plate too. Not everyone has a great support system surrounding them or the resources to get it. If she wants an abortion, she’s going to find a way to get it, legal or not.

    • TommyK says:

      Exactly, but most people against abortion do not see it that way. You’re right, guns can kill people too, but anytime there is even a rumor of increased gun laws, everybody screams about the 2nd Amendment. Take away rights from a woman? People are good with that.

      Yes, middle school girls are so compassionate. Their classmate is raped and has no choice but to carry the baby. Gee, no ridicule there. Then, because she is psychologically damaged and hates school, she drops out. Now the problem is compounding in ways that impact the future of the country as a whole. Sure, we could just make it a felony to have an abortion and send these darn rape victims to jail for life to teach them a lesson about being a victim; they can even do more time than their attacker because, and I am just guessing here, most rapists spend at most 25 years in prison. Awesome.

      While we are taking away women’s rights, let’s not even give them the right to choose to get married or not. Let’s make it mandatory that all females marry by age 15, and the boy’s parents can determine who is marriage material or not, because the girl’s parents are clearly inferior for having a girl in the first place. That sounds a lot like Pakistan to me.

      Once one right is taken away, it is a slippery slope for the rights that are left. But we should go ahead and inject religion into our laws and force those who choose (I know, “choice” and variations of the word are like swear words to a lot of people) to not practice religion (whether they are atheist or agnostic, etc.) to follow religious beliefs that they do not submit to. Nothing is more American than taking away someone’s freedom of religion, or freedom from religion. While we are getting Biblical with our laws, why not reintroduce stoning as punishment?

      • It’s really ridiculous that people are trying to insert their religious views into law. Guess separation of church and state means zero to them. Quite frankly, I guess the reason our country was founded means nothing to them. To each their own opinion. I just should not be “reprimanded” by any human for my view. Better start aquiring some dowry for our daughter so you can trade her. Oh and I don’t look good in ankle length skirts..just sayin!

      • TommyK says:

        It’s separation of everyone else’s church and the state. Not the extreme religious right. They know it all and know best what everyone needs for laws.

        A lot of people cannot handle opposing views, which is why both of us were attacked the way we were for having the views we have. While we are accepting of the views of others, the same cannot be said for a lot of other people. It says a lot about those who want to paint us as bad people or people not worthy because we do not share their same views, and I really think that is what happened on the post we were attacked on. Did I attack back? Yes, and only after I had enough of that guy attacking you.

        I guess we should start saving up for the dowry. And you know you will have to hand-sew your ankle-length skirts, right?

  2. Crap! Ahh well I guess I’ll have plenty of time to learn how to sew since I will have to stop working. I’m not getting equal pay anyway so what does it matter! Men and women were created equal unless man says otherwise. But, hey, maybe I’ll make it into a binder one day!

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