In Sight

12 hours from now, the polls open in Florida.  And they close in 24 hours.  That is all that is left of the 2012 Election, unless some state “pulls a Florida” and finds a way to extend the counting of votes for another month (see 2000 election).

In 12 hours, I will be at my local precinct casting my ballot.  If you have followed along recently, it might be obvious who I am voting for.  I am proud of who I am voting for, and yes, I am better off now than I was four years ago (not that the question that answers was the only thing I considered).  I have the rest of my ballot in front of me, and I have pretty much have made up my mind on the candidates and other issues on the ballot.

I will not be voting to authorize an amendment to our state constitution that basically eliminates the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (Amendment 1, Article 1, Section 28).  Nor will I vote to authorize an amendment that all but eliminates abortion in our state (Amendment 6, Article 1, Section 28), even if the authors of the amendment were nice enough to leave a few “provisions” in there for rape, incest, or life of the mother.  I think I have made it clear in past entries where I stand, but if not, click here, or click here to read how unrealistic it is to even have those provisions there in the first place.

No matter who you are voting for tomorrow, or have already cast your vote for, you are probably like me in one way:  you are happy that hearing that some candidate “approved this message” over and over again.  I am also a little sad that the election will be behind us, because it seems like there has been a plethora of things for me to write about, and I will have to look harder in the future.  But, I guess I should not get too upset, because politicians are going to talk, and when they do, something ridiculous is bound to come out of their mouth.


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