I’ll Never Be President

My daughter Kaitlyn told me the other day that I need to run for President one day.  She’s 6, and apparently thinks that I would make a pretty good Leader of the Free World.

The truth is that I will never be President (don’t sit there thinking that I am Captain Obvious, just pay attention and keep reading.  Please.).  I will probably also never hold public office.  And with good reason.

I am not good at giving BS answers to questions.  If you ask me what I think about something, I am going to tell you what I think.  Plus, I often speak before I think as well.

While I always say exactly what I mean, there are times that it may not come out the best and may offend people.  The intent of my message is just, but the delivery is not always the best.  I guess you could say that I am sort of like Joe Biden in that respect.

If you have read this blog on a consistent basis, you know my views on things like abortion and voting, vocabulary and the separation of church and state.  You may even have noticed that I advocate for people with disabilities, like my daughter with autism or the athletes at Miracle League events.

It is possible that you noticed in my posts that I tend to be a little blunt with what I say and how I say it.  I write with emotion and gusto, and do not often take time to think about the feelings of other people when I write.  Not that their feelings do not matter, but I do not write for them or for you (sorry), I write because I enjoy writing.  I am happy that you have chosen to read this blog, and I hope you consider following if you do not already, but just know that it is possible (and likely) that I may eventually write something that you think I wrote to intentionally offend you.  I did not and do not.  I am not wired that way, to intentionally offend people.

If I were to ever run for elected office, I hope that people would be smart enough to understand that my politics are only a small part of who I am.  That is important to realize about not only our elected officials, but about people in general.  Sometimes we get too caught up in the emotion of disagreement over an issue that we let the emotion color our view of the person we disagree with.

I would have trouble running for office the first time someone brought my family into the fray.  I am protective of my family, and I advise people all the time to choose what they say very wisely.  Even my friends who act as my “filter” know that I can lose it in a second when it comes to my family, and that they are virtually powerless to stop me from speaking up.

Lastly, I don’t know how many of my family and friends would even vote for me, and if I could not count on them, there really would not be much of a point in running in the first place.  I am fairly certain Amber would vote for me, and our daughter would after she turns 18.  I think my parents would vote for me, and my brother would be a lock (he is pretty protective of me and would not respond well to someone attacking me for too long).

I am not ruling out the potential for a future run for elected office, but I will admit to needing to be polished some before making an attempt.  Maybe our political arena needs more people like me out there telling it like it is.  It is refreshing to hear Joe Biden say that something is a “big f-ing deal” when it is a big deal.  Shoot, I even know that “compromise” is not a dirty word.

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