Separating The PoliticsFromThePerson

With Election Day upon us, I started to reflect back at the campaigns of the candidates, blogs I have written and read, and comments that have been made on message boards, my blogs, and other blogs.  And I realized something.  I realized that there is a fine line between the person and the politics.

No matter if you voted for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, or for President Obama and Vice President Biden, realize that you have been a part of something amazing.  And realize that no matter who you supported, the candidates you opposed are, deep down, good people.

I have realized that there are some people who cannot separate the politics from the person.  Go to any news site today and click on any article you want, then check out the comments.  You will find out early just exactly how people feel about each candidate, and you will probably read unnecessary personal attacks.  They will write that Mitt Romney spits on homeless people or that Joe Biden punches babies (neither is true, by the way).  They cannot separate their opposition of the candidate from what they feel is the personal side of the candidate.

I am sure that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are wonderful family men.  If you have seen pictures of Romney with his wife, you can tell he adores her; if you watched the debates, you can see how much he enjoys his grand kids being around him.  Paul Ryan made sure to trick-or-treat with his kids on Halloween, in his hometown.  The policies they espouse and the politics they represent are different from what these men are as people.

The same goes for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  You can Google it if you want, but I have heard interviews and read articles over the last four years that circle back to the fact that Obama does his best to be in the residence part of the White House every night for family dinner.  He talks to his daughters about their day at school, and helps with homework.  Listen to and watch Joe Biden talk about his wife and family.  He beams with pride that his son Beau served in Iraq, and that his wife tolerates his wackiness (my wife does the same for me).

Yet there are people out there who will spew absolute hate toward these men on a personal level because they disagree with their politics.  That is pretty sad.  If you are one of those people, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are like that.  It is a sad commentary on you as a person, not on the person you have a difference in opinion with.

I am sad to say that I know people like this.  If you do not share their view, they have trouble with you as a person.  I don’t know why people want to judge the overall worth of a person by their political views.  To each their own, I guess.  Personally, I do not have any trouble at all when friends or family do not share my views.  Can discussions become somewhat heated at times?  Of course they can, but once we are done with a particular topic, we move on.  Have I lost friends who just cannot seem to bring themselves to respect my views?  Yes, and I can say that it is their loss, not mine.  Amber sent me this quote, and it seemed to fit perfectly with the theme of this entry:

“I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.” – Thomas Jefferson

I guess the point of this post was to start the transition to the post-Election world.  You can anticipate that there will be at least one entry tomorrow, and possibly another today, with my thoughts on the outcome.  You can rest assured that I will find news items and issues to write about after tomorrow as well.  If you have been reading this as Election Day has drawn near, I think I have made my views on a lot of things perfectly clear; my sincere hope is that you have enjoyed reading what I have written, and that you have maintained the perspective that my political views are only a small part of who I am.


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