Today Is The Day

Ok, not “the” day as in the end of the world (take that, Mayan calendar!), but “the” day as in Election Day!  Maybe I am too excited about it.  For some reason and at some point, I became immersed in political issues.  I guess I felt it no longer was enough to sit on the couch and watch coverage on TV, or to sit and browse the internet, I wanted to share my thoughts.  Yes, I have a lot to say about politics, and I proudly own my views.

I am honestly going to miss all of the wall-to-wall political coverage on TV.  I am not going to miss the constant ads, but I will miss the constant stream of news.  After today, assuming that no state “pulls a Florida” and forgets how to count, we will know whether President Obama won re-election, or if Mitt Romney will take over on January 20 (sorry to all you folks who, if this were to happen, were under the mistaken impression Romney would move into the White House tomorrow).

I proudly cast my vote this morning, and will, like the nerd I am, watch as the numbers come in all day and into the night.  I guess you could say that I am more of an active voter than someone who feigns an interest just long enough to complete their ballot and get on with their life.  For all of you fellow “stat nerds” out there, Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight predicted the following results way back in June:

In the initial forecast, Barack Obama was estimated to win 291.3 electoral votes, compared to
246.7 by Mitt Romney.  Obama was forecast to win 50.5% of the popular vote, compared to 49.4% by Romney.

While our voting system is not a “direct vote” for President, it is still an honor to participate in the process.  And while our system may be pretty messed up, as David Frum points out here, voting is still something we should all do (unless you are a convicted felon (no, not the Rick Berg type of felon), then you are rightly out of luck).

If you are reading this and have not voted, please take time today to vote.  If you have already voted, please feel free to comment on who you voted for, and how you voted on other ballot issues.

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