Loud and Clear

In addition to the message I believe the electorate sent to our politicians during this past election cycle, I think a few more things became a little more clear.

*As a country, we are becoming more accepting of LGBT individuals.  Sending Tammy Baldwin to the Senate to represent Wisconsin was a big step, along with three states (Maine, Maryland, and Washington) approving same-sex marriage measures that appeared on their ballots.  We cannot simply “pray away the gay” and it looks like we are heading toward being a country that truly believes in marriage equality (and before I get any suggestions about the Biblical nature of marriage, why is it we have to apply for a marriage license from our state instead of a church?).  There is growing support for truly keep church and state as separate entities, and three states made that statement last night.

*Women’s reproductive rights are important, and not only to women.  Yes, I know there are plenty of women who are pro-life and want to ban abortions, and I respect their view, but the message sent in re-electing Barack Obama (with 1-3 Supreme Court nomination likely in the next 4 years) is loud and clear.  Roe v. Wade is here to stay.

*Defining rape is stupid, and maybe people do not agree that a pregnancy from a rape really is “God’s will.”

*There really is no “faith test” for a candidate for President, and nor should there be.  For the longest time, all I ever heard or read was that our President must be a Christian.  JFK was Roman Catholic, and that freaked people out some.  At last glance, some 58 million people voted for Mitt Romney, and I have to believe that a good number of them did so because they truly backed him, not because of hate for President Obama or sour grapes left over from 2008.  That being said, of those same 58 million, I want to believe that a vast majority of them could not care less that Romney is a Mormon.  And that is a good thing.  Nobody’s religion, or lack thereof, should disqualify them from public office, or be used as some sort of litmus test on how they would govern.

*Too many people still do not understand the Electoral College.  And that is sad.  I hope people read up on the process before 2016, especially since I read multiple suggestions that Obama could be the President of the states that went for him, and Romney could be President of the states that went for him.  That is not how this country works, at least as the United States of America.

My true hope is that our country will rally together and put pressure on both parties to do what is best for our country.  Our country is not full of hard-right, Tea Party people any more than it is full of hard-left, granola eating tree huggers.  We are somewhere between the two extremes, and it is time to stop the partisan BS.  Government is neither the cause of all of our problems nor the answer to all of our problems.  We the people are the answer.  We can respectfully disagree on issues and still get things accomplished.  Compromise is not a dirty word.  To paraphrase then-Senator (now President) Barack Obama in his Keynote Address at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, “we are not a red America, and a blue America, we are the United States of America.”


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