Much like nobody would have ever confused me for a Mitt Romney supporter, the same can be said of the governor of my state, Florida, Rick Scott.  I think that his politics are bad for our state, and I disagree with how he has run our state so far.

But, what I am mature enough to do is to be disgusted at some of the vile comments directed at him over the last few days, because I am smart enough to separate his politics from him as a person (this rule does not apply only to him, but also to people with whom I have had and do have political differences with.  Too bad more people are not that way.).  Governor Scott lost his mother recently.  She was 84.

I was reading an article on one of our local news sites, WCTV, regarding the statement he released regarding his mother’s passing.  It was a nice statement thanking people for their support and prayers.  And then I made the mistake, as I often do (the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, so maybe I am showing signs of insanity), of reading the comments.  Most were nice, thoughtful, and supportive, as they should have been.  But one really stuck out to me:

Jhon Deo, Gun Nut, Men’s Rights’ Activist, Moderate, Submission Wrestler.                       4 comments collapsed                  CollapseExpand

I hope Rick Scott suffers over the death of his mother.  He deserves every bit of physical and emotional pain that comes his way!  Killing his mother was probably gods way of punishing him for all of the evil deeds that he has committed while he has been in office.

That is a very troubling comment.  The person who wrote this seems to me to have some severe emotional and psychological issues.  They are clearly troubled.  If nothing else, the comment is immature, but it is, of course, more than that.  It is insensitive.  It is rude.  It is heartless.  I am sure that commenter’s own mother would be very proud of him.  Probably not.  I know my mother would be disappointed in me if I ever showed excitement or happiness at the grief of anyone else.  That is not how I was raised.

I am still not a supporter of Governor Scott the politician, nor will I ever be.  But I am going to send my thoughts and prayers to him on the passing of his mother.  I hope that he finds comfort and solace wherever he can, and that he will honor his mother in whatever way he sees fit.


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