A Lot Of Nerve

If you are anything like me, the amount of time you actually spend at your house is limited.  You leave the house early in the morning and get home when it is dark (thanks to setting the clocks back).  With that as fact, your time with your family is limited.  I know mine is.

The one thing that anybody that knows me well knows about me is that I absolutely cherish the time I get to spend with my family.  We can be with friends or it can be just the three of us, but as long as we are spending what little free time we have together, I am happier.  That’s not to say that we don’t have “me” time on occasion, but for the most part, we enjoy spending time together as a family.

When I am at work, or even on the way to or from work, when I am alone in the car, I am all about my job.  My staff knows they can call me for any reason.  They also know about what time I get home every night, and they know that they can still call me, but it probably should be an emergency.  Interrupting my family time is not something I take well to.

Now, that does not mean that I do not accept calls from anybody when I am home.  Not true at all.  I am always happy to hear from friends and family.  Other than that, there are very few people I will react positively to when they interrupt my family time.

And sales calls, clients of mine, and random people are unlikely to get a positive response at all.

Which brings me to someone who seems to have a lot of nerve, and reminds me of someone else who felt that they had the free reign to think they were the center of my world.  Over the last 12 hours, one person has called my phone 3 times and sent 4 text messages to see if I would stop what I was doing and head back to my office to retrieve something for them that was captured and could only be accessed under dual control.  I guess he did not get the message, or felt that I would jump to his request, if he kept pestering me.  Wrong.

I said that he reminded me of another bold person who took a while to get the message.  When I was at another job, one customer somehow got my personal cell phone number.  He called at 9pm, he called at 6am.  He called when I was on vacation.  It did not seem to matter to him that I was away from work and really could not do much for him, he called anyway.  He felt he should have access to my office, even though it was closed and locked because I had sensitive and personal customer information in there.  It finally got to the point where I had enough of the behavior, and I had to let him know how things went.  After that day, there were no issues at all.  I think that is where this other situation is heading as well.

If you are that person who feels like you are more important than someone’s very limited personal/family time, think again.  You should probably have a good idea if you are in a position where you can contact someone regardless of the time or the day; if you are not sure, error on the side of leaving people alone.


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