Gift Giving

Judging from his latest comments, maybe it is a good thing that Mitt Romney lost the election last week.  He clearly has a disdain for people who are not as wealthy as he is.  I’m not going to go as far as call him a racist, but I think he seems to step in it when it comes to understanding the complexities the make up the fabric of our country.

I voted for President Obama, and according to Mitt Romney, I did so because he provides “gifts” to his voters.  With Christmas right around the corner, I hope President Obama waits to get me something big that I can open on Christmas.  It does not even have to fit under our tree!

According to Mitt Romney, the President’s “gifts” were:

*for college students, the forgiveness of student loan interest.
*for college-aged women, it was free contraceptives (I guess only college-aged women take birth control).
*for those up to age 26, it was the ability to be covered by the health insurance of their parents.
*for people making less than $35,000 per year, it was free health care.
*Latinos got two gifts, free health care and amnesty for children of illegal immigrants (Mitt shortens it to “illegals”).

You know he is off his rocker when key backers of his like Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal immediately and forcefully slam him for his comments (article).  What Romney fails to understand is that people voted for President Obama because, for the most part, they felt he was the best one to lead our country.  Maybe some swing voters voted for Obama because they just could not figure out where exactly Romney stood on anything.  He waffled on every single issue.  President Obama’s campaign simply outworked their opponents, and got people out to vote.

Personally, I don’t think Mitt Romney ever really wanted to win.  For one thing, he would take a pay cut since the President makes $400,000 per year (source).  He would have had to move to a house without an elevator for his cars, too.  I don’t think that Mitt Romney has a firm grip on reality these days.  He should graciously accept defeat, like he seemed to in his concession speech, and get on with his life.


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