Ridiculous Editing

Every time I forget for a minute why I prefer to listen to a CD over the radio when I am in the car, I get a little bit of a reminder.  Mind you, this is not the only reason I prefer to control what I listen to in the car, but just one of a few reasons, including way too much talking from DJs and too many commercials.  I understand that the DJs have a job to do and that commercials pay the bills, but I really do not care for that much non-music coming out of my radio unless I am listening to ESPN Radio or The Dan Patrick Show.

Probably the biggest reason I prefer to control the tunes is because I really cannot stand all of the editing that stations do to songs.  It is ridiculous.  And frankly, I think they completely destroy songs.

Whether it be “Toes” by the Zac Brown Band or another song, if they don’t want kids to hear the real lyrics (for “Toes,” it is always changed from “ass in the sand” to “toes in the sand,” so it comes out as “toes in the water, toes in the sand,” which makes no sense), then don’t play it on the radio when kids are going to or from school.  Easy enough.  It is not like that is their only song.

Our local stations here like to edit songs to include a plug for their station, like one of them did on Craig Morgan’s “Bonfire.”  I know that song, and I know it well, and nowhere in that song does he mention 103.1 The Wolf.  It is pathetic.

Jason Aldean (photo from http://www.jasonaldean.com)

This morning is when I got my reminder.  Amber and I have been listening to the new Jason Aldean CD “Night Train” a lot in our respective vehicles.  Kaitlyn knows the words to all of the songs, and she sings them at home, without music (her favorites are “The Only Way I Know” and “1994”).  Aldean makes references in a few of his songs to a few different adult beverages (Rocky Tops, Comfort, and Goose), and we honestly have no problem with Kaitlyn singing about them in the songs.  We are comfortable enough in our parenting to let her sing the songs and know that she does not know what exactly he is referring to.  If she heard an edited version, she would not be happy at all.  This morning, I heard his first single from that CD, “Take a Little Ride,” and in it, he references grabbing “a couple Rocky Tops,” but the local station here changed the words.  I didn’t catch what they were changed to, but that was because it caught me off guard, and it is unlikely that I will hear it again because I will just turn the song off when I hear it come on in the future.

Maybe I am making a big deal about nothing.  It is certainly within their rights to edit certain words or references out of songs they play on the air (and I refuse to get into a First Amendment debate on it.  Radio is private enterprise and can control what is played or not played).  I know that Amber and I are different from a lot of parents (read: we are probably considered more “liberal” with our parenting) in that we let Kaitlyn listen to the same music we do.  Maybe that is because we listen primarily to country music, and we can live with the occasional adult beverage or posterior reference.  If you are a parent and would rather your child not hear those references, more power to you.  Personally, I do not understand how or when it became the responsibility of the radio stations to parent our kids and make sure they do not hear references to certain beverages, but that could be just me.  I don’t know, maybe I am making too big of a deal about edited songs.  I just look at it as the artist records and releases a song with certain lyrics, and I find it disrespectful to either edit them on your own or make editing them a condition for air play.


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