Nobody Asked…

…but, I have to take a minute to wonder what all the fuss was about concerning Wal-Mart, Target, and other stores opening their doors last night.  I guess maybe I am just confused.

A lot of retailers opened their doors last night to get a jump-start on Black Friday sales.  Spectacular.  Good for them in trying to take advantage of the desire that people have to spend money instead of spending time with loved ones.  I just don’t see what all the fuss was about.

I ran in our local Turkey Trot race yesterday, and then went over to enjoy brunch with some close friends.  As we were heading home around noon, I made a comment to Amber as we were stopped at a red light.  I noticed that CVS was open, and they had quite a few cars in the lot.  Yet nobody seemed to care that they were open.

As we were heading back to their house yesterday evening, Amber mentioned that she had noticed a few restaurants were open when we passed earlier, so I checked out the ones we passed.  Amber thought she saw that Cody’s Roadhouse was open, and Ruby Tuesday was open as well.  We also passed a Walgreens that was open.

So why is it then that people are all up in arms that the “big box” retailers were open last night, but nobody seems to care that drug stores and restaurants were open?  I also seem to remember that Wal-Mart had, in the past, been open at some point on Thanksgiving as well.  Is it ok for a drug store to be open, just in case we need a band-aid or something last-minute, but not for a retailer to open and have things on sale?  Is it ok for restaurants to be open for those who choose to not cook or maybe do not have a place to spend Thanksgiving?  How come there is no outrage that the workers at CVS or Ruby Tuesday had to give up some of their Thanksgiving to serve you?

If you chose to camp out to get a Black Friday deal, good for you.  I don’t understand your motivation, but good for you.  If you chose to get in a line that wrapped around behind Target last night after you ate, good for you.  Again, I do not understand your motivation, but good for you.  We went to Wal-Mart Wednesday evening, and the one employee that we talked to said that she signed up to work overnight Thanksgiving night.

For the most part, and from what I have read, retailers like Target and Wal-Mart searched for volunteers to work last night.  Did they force people to work?  In some cases, probably.  That is unfortunate, but those employees choose to work at Wal-Mart or Target, the same as I choose to work where I work.  I have to work both today and tomorrow, yet I do not see anybody raising a stink about it.

Some people wanted to criticize those who went shopping, and while I do not understand their motivation in going shopping last night, I applaud their dedication.  They made a choice, the same way that I made the choice to not go shopping.  That’s one of the great things about America:  you have the choice/right to make the choice on whether or not you choose to go shopping on Thanksgiving or not.  Nobody forced those people to go shopping last night, and nobody forced me to stay home.


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