Looking Good So Far

Right now, it is a little after 3:00am in Australia on December 21, 2012.  If the 21st is the supposed end of the world, it looks like the folks in Australia are in good shape so far.

I have my doubts that the 21st will really be the end of the world.  Call me a skeptic, I guess.

First off, if the Mayans were that precise on the end of the world, don’t you think they would have been able to predict the Spanish conquistadors?  If they were not so good at predicting their own demise, maybe we should not rely on them to predict the end of the world.

Second, what time on the 21st is the world going to end?  What time zone is the prediction based off of?  Let’s say it is Eastern Time, would we get the full 24 hours?  If we get the full 24 hours, the folks in Australia would then be on the 22nd, rendering the predicted date of the 21st as incorrect.

I am going to go ahead and live tomorrow like I do every day.  I did not go out and buy a ton of supplies (Why would I?  If the world were to end, those supplies would be useless) or anything else.  I tend to wade through the BS rather well most of the time, so I am pretty confident that tomorrow will not signal the end of the world.  If I am wrong, so be it, who will be around to rub it in my face?


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