The Best You Can Do?

The NRA has finally entered the political fray in response to the tragic and horrific shootings in Connecticut last Friday.  And their response was exactly what one might expect from that particular group:  more guns.  Because more guns are always the answer.

“We need to have every single school in America immediately deploy a protection program proven to work — and by that I mean armed security.”  NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre

So let me get this straight, the solution the NRA thinks is the one with the most sound reasoning is to station armed guards at our schools.  What is this, a police state?  Armed security is not the answer.  Do we really want our kindergarten students filing past people armed with M-16s or AR-15s?  I know that I don’t.  While we are at it, let’s station snipers on the roofs of each school so they can neutralize a potential threat before the armed guard even has a chance to draw their weapon.

The last thing that should be advanced is a position advocating the potential for shoot-outs at our local schools.  This is not Afghanistan.

Does school security need to be addressed?  Of course it does.  But it needs to be addressed in a mature and rational way, not some ridiculous suggestion that we turn school campuses into military bases.  Let’s be honest about something here.  If the shooter last week was intent on killing people the way that he did, does anybody really think that he would not have taken out an armed guard as well?  And then what would he have?  Another weapon!  Tremendous idea.

Instituting tighter gun restrictions, contrary to what so many shout from the mountaintops, does not trash the 2nd Amendment.  As a matter of fact, “well-regulated” is right in the text, so by design, regulation was encouraged in the 2nd Amendment.  I have difficulty with a lot of things, but reading comprehension and word meaning are not among the things that cause me trouble.  It is baffling to me that people want to yell and scream about regulation of guns “taking away 2nd Amendment rights,” yet those same people cannot comprehend what “well-regulated” means.

The solution lies somewhere in the middle of an all-out ban and throwing caution to the wind while letting people own any type of gun they want.  It would be nice for common sense to win the day one time, but I suspect that fear-mongering and irrational arguments will prevail like they always do on this issue.

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