It’s Hard To Take Some People Serious

In the almost three weeks now since the horrible shooting in Connecticut, I have been taking mental notes of comments I read on different articles.  No matter what incident is being reported on, there is bound to be a group of fools that come out of the woodwork with ridiculous comments.  I guess that is part of the deal.

Take, for example, something that happened here on New Year’s Eve/early on New Year’s Day.  A local man was arrested for running over another man at a party,  He got in his truck and ran the guy down, plain and simple.  Most likely a case of too much to drink and “beer muscles” in my opinion.  The comment section, once again, already contains ridiculous assertions:

-Simple answer: Ban New Years Parties.
-Probably one of those “black assault trucks” that civilians have no business owning. More than likely had an extra capacity magaz……. tank on it, too, so if he had wanted to, he could have taken out everybody there and not run out of ammu….er….fuel. I just don’t understand why Mr. Maxwell would take a weapon like this to a party, I mean, we all know alcohol and assault weapons do not mix, right?
-Clearly it was not Mr. Maxwell’s fault. The blame rests with Mr. Henry Ford, or Mr. Goodyear. Maybe Mr. Chevrolet, but almost certainly Mr. Budweiser.  I strongly suspect that Mr. Wrangler or Mr. Levis had a part in this too!

It is really hard to take these types of comments serious, and even more difficult to take their authors seriously.  Maybe they think they are being funny.  Maybe to them it is funny to compare a Bushmaster rifle to a truck.  It is sad that they do not realize or understand the difference between a vehicle and a gun, the main difference, of course, being that a vehicle is not designed or intended to kill someone else.  A gun is.  Yes, people will use their vehicles to kill someone else in 2013, and yes, there will be (most likely) more deaths in car accidents than by guns this year, but those bits of information are misleading at best.  What is the total percentage of car accidents that result in deaths?  A vast majority of drivers do not start their car with the intent to kill; when you rear-end someone in traffic, your intent was probably not to kill them.  When you point a gun at someone, your intent is most likely going to be to kill them.  Here’s another way to look at it: when you get in your car, your intent is to get from point A to point B, and nothing else; when you point a gun at someone, you had better be willing to pull the trigger and take their life.

There have also been ideas to arm teachers so that they can neutralize the next person who wants to shoot up a school.  It’s hard to take that idea seriously.  On the surface, it sounds like a great plan.  Give teachers guns and let them take out threats.  Putting aside the chances that are there that a student finds the gun and an accident happens (accidental shootings in the home happen quite frequently), why should we believe that your average kindergarten teacher has the nerve to shoot and kill someone?  We can all sit on our couch and opine about what we would have done in that situation, but until you are facing the business end of a gun where the person holding it is intent on killing you, you and I do not know how we will respond.  It is easy to sit here and say that we would take out the threat, and maybe some of us would have no issue with doing so, but how many of us have been faced with having to shoot and kill someone?  I would venture a guess here and say that very few of us have.

The total banning of guns is both unrealistic and unreasonable.  Something does need to be done to address the gun culture in our country, and I think that the answer lies somewhere between an all-out ban and a “Wild West” mentality where the 2nd Amendment means we can own military-style weapons.  Regulation of guns (“arms” if you want to refer to the 2nd Amendment) is something that needs to be seriously discussed.  I know of at least three people who I would not want in those discussions, and it is the three who made the asinine comments I included above; they bring nothing intelligent to the table.


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