I Completely Disagree

Not necessarily, not necessarily. If [parents] watch the news, if they are interested in the law, they know that it’s possible that a teacher might be carrying a firearm and so they would know that it’s possible that that could be happening at their school and then that’s a choice that they make.

The above quote is from Utah teacher Carolyn Cain when asked by Ed Show host Ed Schultz whether or not parents have the right to know if teachers at a school are carrying a gun.  With all due respect to Ms. Cain, I completely disagree.

My daughter is 6 and is in first grade, like the 20 students who were killed at Sandy Hook last month.  While I want nothing more than to know that my daughter is safe when she is dropped off every day, I do not want her teacher, another teacher, or any other educator carrying a gun around the school.  That is not my idea of added safety.

During the school day, my daughter’s school is basically in lockdown mode.  The only way visitors can access student areas is through the front office.  I am not naive enough to believe that such a setup makes her school impervious to violence.  If someone wanted to force their way in, they certainly could.

What Ms. Cain is referring to, though, has no place in my daughter’s school.  Even if, as she claims she will do, teachers safely store their weapon during the school day, I disagree with her approach.  And taking it a step further, if Ms. Cain’s gun is stored in a locked safe, what are the chances she could access it quickly enough to neutralize an active shooter on campus?  And if she did make it to her gun, does she have the control of her nerves that it would take to accurately assess the situation and neutralize the threat without harming her students?  I have my doubts.

It’s hard to make blanket general arguments about whether or not a teacher would have the composure to neutralize an active shooter or not.  I am sure there is a “diamond in the rough” who would be able to do so, but I am going to venture a guess here and say that the vast majority of educators do not possess such composure.  And do we really want our children being taught be a teacher who can take out an active shooter and go right back to giving a spelling test?

If my daughter’s school decided to allow teachers to carry guns on campus, then it would be time to evaluate if it were the right environment for learning for her.  If teachers were allowed to carry guns, it would most certainly be the right of each parent to be informed.

I can confidently disagree with Ms. Cain’s position without even making the straw man or red herring argument that teachers are just as predisposed to a violent psychological break as the rest of us, and there would be little that would stop them from turning their weapon on their class.

Of course, the NRA has its answer, and that is to put armed guards at every school.  First off, this is not a police state.  Second, where would that money come from?  Is the NRA going to pay for these guards?  Or will it come from already tight district budgets?  Would it come in the form of higher taxes?  If so, wouldn’t their suggestion then cause the same anti-tax politicians they fervently back in elections to raise taxes (the NRA almost always backs Republicans, and Republicans are almost always against raising taxes)?

The gun control debate that has taken shape after Sandy Hook is not about infringement of 2nd Amendment rights, and the people screaming loudest that it is have no rational argument to make, so they just trot out the same old stuff.  These are the same people, remember, who screamed, “Obama is going to take our guns” on January 20, 2009, yet President Obama has done next-to-nothing to date concerning gun legislation.  They do not have much credibility.

Meaningful change has to occur when it comes to guns.  In order for it to happen, both sides of the debate need to come to the table and negotiate in good faith.


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