Showing Some Respect

It’s not often you will find me openly praising too many Republican politicians.  It is not because I do not respect them as people (I do), it is because I often feel that their positions are either flat-out wrong or misguided.

More and more, however, I find myself hearing things that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says, and he has been making a lot of sense over the last few months.  Whether it was his response that he couldn’t care less about politics after Sandy wiped out a lot of the New Jersey coastline, or his praising of President Obama’s handling of the disaster, Christie’s voice has actually been refreshing.  And then yesterday, he came out and blasted the recent NRA ad that featured and focused on President Obama’s daughters.

The ad, which Christie rightfully characterizes as “reprehensible,” tries to link the security of the Obama girls to the security of every other child in the country.  Now, I would love to sit here and write that my daughter is a “high-value” target when it comes to making a huge statement, but that is just not the case; yes, to my wife and I, our daughter is the center of our world, and she is “high-value” to us, but she does not warrant the same security detail as the Obama’s daughters.  That might seem crass on my end, but it is the truth.

Beyond the obvious need for the Obama girls to be as protected as possible at all times, for the NRA to use them in an ad to make a political point is just plain absurd.  They are not part of the current gun control debate, so leave them out of it.  And while you are at it, leave my daughter out of it.  I have seen comments online bashing President Obama for having a stage full of students behind him while signing 23 Executive Orders this week, but those same commenters fail to realize that those students were selected to be there, and their parents agreed to allow them to be there.  President Obama was not exploiting them for political gain, and any claim otherwise is unfounded and unrealistic.

I don’t know if Chris Christie plans on running for President in 2016, and it is unlikely that I will vote for him if he does.  What I do know is that if he runs, I hope that he sticks to his no-nonsense way of handling himself and speaking his mind.  I respect Governor Christie for possessing a self-awareness that allows him to be himself and not worry about scoring political points at every turn.  It seems to me that Christie respects his chosen field, as well as his supporters and opponents.

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