Very Cool

What happens when you get a business owner who puts going way above and beyond for someone in front of making a profit?  The answer:  you get a business who really shows that they “get” what being part of a community is about, and what it means to honor those who serve.

If you know me well enough, or have read much of what I have written, you know one thing about me for sure.  You know that I have a deep and tremendous respect for those in uniform.  I strongly believe that anyone who serves or has served deserves to be treated with the utmost respect.

Amber sent me a link to an article yesterday, knowing full-well the reaction I would have.

The article, which is linked here, starts out describing a special request that was made by a soldier in Afghanistan.  All he wanted to do was to send his wife a pizza from her favorite restaurant, Mellow Mushroom, for her birthday.  He was more than willing to pay for the pizza and was simply trying to facilitate the delivery.  Easy enough.

But to the owner of the franchise in Jacksonville that was going to fulfill the request, it was not enough to deliver a pizza.  Not even close.  He had his staff go way above and beyond.  To start with, they did not deliver just any old pizza from their menu.  Mellow Mushroom made a special pizza just for this soldier’s wife (pictured at right).

pizza-1-jpeg_030608As if that were not enough, two employees delivered more than the special pizza.  They showed up at her house with a $50 gift card to Mellow Mushroom (also requested by the husband), a balloon, and flowers from their local Publix.

If I had to put a retail price on everything, I would venture a guess that it would come in around $100 total, including paying the employees to deliver the pizza.  But the money is not the issue.  What this one thoughtful owner did was absolutely make someone’s birthday the best it could possibly be, considering the stressful nature of her having to worry about her husband daily.

Make no mistake about it, that Mellow Mushroom restaurant did not lose any money on this transaction.  Even if they did, what they gained in goodwill more than compensates for any lost revenue.  If there is one thing I am, besides a fervent supporter of those in uniform, is loyal, and when I read something like this, it stays with me.  We have a Mellow Mushroom close to us, and I have had their pizza a few times before, and while it is not the same restaurant as the one in the article, they will get more business from me in the future.  From the top of their corporate ladder on down, it seems that Mellow Mushroom has their priorities in line.

We all either know someone who serves or has served our country, or have just a few degrees of separation from that connection.  Take a minute today to thank them.  Why limit yourself to one day in November to thank a service member, or one day in May to remember those who have fallen?


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