Too Good To Pass Up

Honestly, I did not intend to write anything about President Obama’s State of the Union address last night.  It would not surprise anybody who knows me to read that I thought the speech was good overall.  It lagged at times, but I think President Obama presented some common-sense solutions to the myriad of problems facing our country.  And it was a little bit impressive that he basically challenged Congress to “take a vote” when it comes to reasonable gun control measures; “take a vote” to see who will wear a green ribbon in support of the Newtown shooting victims but will not even consider reasonable gun control measures.  Last I checked, the victims in Newtown were riddled with bullets from high-capacity magazines, so it is a tough sell for someone to say they are in support of the victims, but are unwilling to do anything to help deter a future spree (criminals will always break whatever law is in place.  That is why they are criminals, so people need to get off that argument altogether.).

That all being said, I happened upon a series of comments from an ardent supporter critic of President Obama, Ted Nugent.  Why this guy thinks he matters on the political stage is beyond me, and an argument can be made that he has not mattered in music since the 1970s, but that is not today’s point.  One of his comments caught my attention, because if he is really serious in what he said, it very well could apply to him:

“When someone threatens innocent life and acts absolutely dangerously crazy, don’t shrug your shoulders and say, ‘I wish we could do something.’ Get those people off the streets.”  –Ted Nugent

This coming from the same guy who all but threatened the life of President Obama last April:

“If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

So by his own logic, if that term can really be applied to him, Ted Nugent should be off the streets.  He did “threaten an innocent life and acted dangerously crazy” after all.

Maybe he thinks that his brand of logic does not apply to him.  That would be about right, and would be right in his wheelhouse.  Nugent also said he got angry at some points during the State of the Union (he was the invited guest of a member of the Congressional delegation from Texas, one who wants to impeach the President if he proposes any gun control measures.  Have at it big boy, because the President did just that last night.).  I think maybe he got angry at times because President Obama was using a lot of big words that he just did not understand; words like “common sense” and “work together” are difficult for Nugent to comprehend.



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