30 is the new 30

It’s the dawn of a new decade, you know that big milestone birthday you hit every tenth year. Media tells you that 50 is the new 40, 40 is the new 30, and so on. It’s bull. A lie. False. A scam. 30 is still 30 and 40 is still 40. It’s all in the embrace. A birthday is a gift and not a promise, let us not waste them holed up in bed eating rocky road and bawling our eyes out because we are aging.
I’m gearing up to hit that 30 year milestone and I can tell you I’ve had some rollercoaster thoughts on it. One day it’s just part of life and I’m ready to accept the change. Five minutes from that I’m almost at the tattoo parlor trying to live it up before things go downhill. Okay so I’m not that crazy but you get the idea. In light of recent events I’ve witnessed among friends and coworkers I found myself utterly petty and sad for worrying about such a ridiculous thing.
Instead of worrying, fretting, and running towards that tattoo parlor (like that would ever happen) I will embrace something to accomplish before thanking God for the opportunity to hit that milestone. Albeit, small and insignificant, it is something out of my comfort zone along with something I’ve always wanted to learn. So, cheers to a 5k (how far is that anyway?) and hello guitar lessons!
Feel 30 when you’re 30 and 40 when you’re 40 and seize the opportunity for something new. Volunteer, sky dive, dye your hair, take an art class, get a tattoo, or visit the Opry. Life’s a big deal and milestone birthdays are even bigger. Put on your big girl panties and enjoy it.

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