Taking Their Ball And Leaving

We all had that friend growing up.  Maybe you were “that” friend” and just don’t want to admit it.  That’s cool.

I’m talking, of course, about that kid who, in the middle of a game where the results were not to their liking, would literally take their ball and leave.  Or maybe they would flip the board over, or try to change the rules.  You get the picture I am trying to paint for you.

In case you don’t remember, nobody really liked playing with that kid too much.

The Republican National Committee is apparently that kid when it comes to politics.

Earlier this month, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus sent letters to both NBC and CNN, threatening them that they would be banned for Republican Presidential debates in 2016 if they continued to go to production and then air a documentary about potential Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.  Today, the RNC announced that they had voted to ban the two networks.

To me, it is nothing short of a childish move for them to pull such an immature stunt.  To think that they had the power to influence what those two networks can and cannot air is the definition of having a delusion of grandeur.  Who are they to tell CNN and NBC what they can and cannot air?  Personally, I don’t care one way or the other if those networks air the documentary or not, just like I really don’t care if they air one about Marco Rubio or Chris Christie.

In barring CNN and NBC from their debates, I guess it never occurred to the geniuses at the RNC that maybe by making such a stink about a potential documentary about Hillary Clinton, they will actually steer more people to back her.  Like any politician, there is plenty to support and attack about Hillary Clinton without the RNC providing her with added sympathy, because that is what she will get from a number of people who will see this as nothing more than an unwarranted personal attack.  It is not like either of these networks is adding “The Hillary Hour” to their programming, which I imagine would be daily programming extolling the virtues of Mrs. Clinton.  If the proposed documentaries (not sure if it is the same and will be aired by both networks or two separate documentaries) are honest and provide coverage of both the good and the bad of Mrs. Clinton’s life and time in the political spotlight, the RNC ban might just blow up in their collective faces.

Of course, what would make the RNC look even more petty and childish would be for Mrs. Clinton to not run for President in 2016, thus making the RNC look like all they did was preemptively put the cart before the horse.


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