Where Are They Now?

When Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson could not get their faces on TV fast enough to decry it as a “racist” act.  They shouted from the rooftops at anybody who would listen and those who tried not to that it was a racially motivated killing by a white man (Zimmerman is of mixed heritage) of a black teenager.  When Zimmerman was acquitted, Sharpton called for sit-ins and protests over the decision.

Fast-forward to this week, and I have to wonder where Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are on these stories:

In Oklahoma, a college baseball player was randomly shot and killed by three teenagers, two black males and one white male.  It has been reported that they killed him “because they were bored” and were caught a few minutes before possibly killing someone else.  The only thing that Christopher Lane did was to go for a run one afternoon, and he ends up being shot and killed.

In Washington, a WWII veteran was brutally beaten and killed this week by two black teenagers.  It has been reported that this beating was also random.

So, I bring up the question again, where are Al and Jessie?  Why are they not classifying these attacks as senseless and racist?  To them, is it only a racist attack when a black person is the victim?  Are white people (and mixed race people like George Zimmerman) the only ones who are racist?  To me, it is people like Al and Jessie who fuel the racial attitudes and tensions that are bubbling to the surface in not holding everyone accountable for their actions.  If they were serious about protecting civil rights, they would call out the racist thugs who shot Christopher Lane and beat Delbert Belton for what they are.  Instead, there has been silence from them, and that is beyond sad.

If you want to know my honest opinion, Al and Jessie are the epitome of hypocrites.  When something happens to a black person, there is not a camera they won’t get in front of to scream about “racism,” but when it comes to the senseless murder of a white college baseball player or white WWII veteran at the hands of black teenagers (and the one white teenager who was involved in the shooting), they remain silent.  Why is this ok with anybody?  To me, racism in any form by anybody is sick, ignorant, and wrong; there is no place for it in my view.

If Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson want to really tackle the issues of racism and civil rights, the best place to start would be with the person they see in the mirror every morning.  Once they eliminate their racist attitudes and view of the world, only then should they jump in front of the nearest camera to decry racism in this country.


14 Responses to Where Are They Now?

  1. anguscroix says:

    Seriously? The 3 murderers of the baseball player were immediately arrested and charged with 1st degree murder. The 2 murderers of the vet, one immediately arrested and charged with 1st degree murder the other is being sought. The injustice is not the crime was committed, it is that in the case of Zimmerman, it was ok that he did it.

    • TommyK says:

      I’ll never be one to claim that it was “ok” for Zimmerman to shoot Martin, because it was not. Regardless of the quickness of the arrest, if Al and Jessie were serious about race relations, they would be letting everyone know that they do not condone ANY type of racism.

      • anguscroix says:

        They do. The racism that Zimmerman enjoyed was “NOT GUILTY”. while the blacks you mentioned are nailed to the wall, like Zimmerman should have been. Don’t refuse to see the difference.
        PS Rev. Al and Rev. Jackson are not my favorite people either.

      • TommyK says:

        So Zimmerman is racist because a jury acquitted him? That damn 6th Amendment must be racist then, too. That the prosecution failed to get a conviction is not racism, it is failure.

      • anguscroix says:

        ? Seriously? The courts treat different races differently. As you pointed out with your examples. Oh well, I can’t fix stupid.

      • TommyK says:

        Let me get this straight…because I don’t fall in lock-step with exactly what you say, I am stupid? That’s very mature of you.

        I won’t sink to your level and call you any names because doing so is beneath who and what I am, but the whole point of what I wrote was to point out that Al and Jessie have been silent on these issues. It had nothing to do with whether or not I agreed with the Zimmerman verdict, and don’t let my commment on the 6th Amendment steer you wrong, it had everything to do with how quickly those two jump to the claim of racism when a crime is committed against a black person, but when a black person commits a crime against white folks, they are silent. The Zimmerman verdict is an issue that is completely independent of their silence in these cases. But if you don’t want to acknowledge that, and it makes you feel better to call me names, then so be it; I will sleep fine tonight knowing who I am and what I stand for.

        Thanks for your comments, even your comment where you dove into the gutter and called me stupid. Have a nice day.

      • anguscroix says:

        Oh well, My blog is “Only worth reading if your willing to think”.
        I agree, my comment “you can’t fix stupid” was out of line. I do apologize.
        It does appear that the Justice system action against minorities is different than the justice system response for whites is the issue you are refusing to consider.
        The justice system response to the instances you sighted were swift retribution. The justice system response to Trayvon Martin’s death was quite different. How does your comment “So Zimmerman is a racist because he was acquitted” address the issue?
        Speaking to these differences is the constant issue, even when every instance is not named. There are too many acts of racial prejudice in the justice system to mention each one every day.
        If you continue to deny this difference exists, if you continue to deny racism in America is a strong destructive force, then please think again.

      • TommyK says:

        First, my original post was not directed toward the justice system and the inherent differences that are built into it. It dealt solely with the silence of individuals who are selective about pointing out racism, that is all.
        It is unfortunate that justice is indeed not blind, because it should be. A crime is a crime is a crime, no matter who commits it. I don’t know if Zimmerman is racist, only he truly knows what is in his heart.
        In no way, shape, or form, do I deny that racism exists in America. It is a sad truth about our country, but one that can and should be addressed. Being selective about when to be outraged, as Al and Jessie seem to be, is not helpful to the conversation. I wrote it today, either in the original post or in subsequent comments, that racism in any form makes me sick. As Ryan pointed out in his comment, and which I agreed with in my response to him, is that it would be great if the innocence that children have with respect to the color of one’s skin would last past childhood.
        What I want to see, whether or not the arrest is swift or delayed, is the same level of outrage. Why is it that Al and Jessie refuse to even address either of these instances (I don’t suspect you know, either)? It would not be difficult for one or both of them to come out and say that they are appalled that an innocent man was gunned down while out for a run, or that they are outraged that a WWII veteran was beaten to death, but they do not. You cannot ignore that they are being selectively quiet on these.

        As a side note, I always welcome discourse and debate when I write. All that I have ever asked is that comments remain civil and not attack commenters personally. We are all entitled to our opinions, and a lot can be learned from reading and sharing opinions. I may not sway your opinion, and you may not sway mine, but that should not dissuade either of us from sharing it. Again, thank you for commenting.

      • anguscroix says:

        Al and Jesse are never silent, for example: Al on the Chris Lane Shooting you say he was silent on.

      • anguscroix says:

        Neither Al nor Jesse refused to speak when asked. This video is falsely labeled ” Race hustler Jesse Jackson blames access to guns as cause of killing of Chris Lane”
        The poster’s claims are false, just listen to the video.

      • TommyK says:

        So, combined, they devoted 4 minutes to Chris Lane’s murder, some of which Jessie spent bringing up an incident from 2012 where two white dirtbags shot 5 and killed 3 in a black neighborhood (which, by the way, is also wrong, and I hope the two dirtbags are convicted for what they did). Al or Jessie also mentioned that the police in the Lane murder have ruled out race as a factor, and they are fine with that; they were not and are not fine with the FBI/DOJ (I don’t recall off the top of my head which, and I apologize) ruling out race as a factor in the Martin incident.

        No matter how they want to slice it, their responses have not been anywhere close to the same, and that is sad. Have either of them called for a “day of prayer” in response to these incidents, the way they did after the Martin shooting. And I have yet to see President Obama (and if you look at what I have written about him in the past, you will see how I feel about him) make a statement about how Chris Lane could have been his cousin or Mr. Belton could have been his grandfather. I know that was not part of my original post, but it again shows the disparity of response.

        Thank you again for commenting and sharing these videos. It is nice to see that Al and Jessie were at least not completely silent.

  2. ryan85 says:

    And on this I couldn’t agree more. Grandstanding aside, because we agree on that completely. I’ve been struggling with a tension on this matter. I think it’s important to educate the next generation about history, warts and all. And yet sometimes I think the more we emphasize it the more we plant a seed that might never have sprouted in their hearts. So I find myself struggling with how best to educate my kids and kids in general. I want them to recognize evil for what it is and acknowledge something like cruelty motivated by race as something evil. But another part of me doesn’t want me to shatter their innocence because as of now the recognize color without making a qualification, the kids is just another potential friend. It’s the same way out at Miracle, some kids use chairs, some don’t; some kids talk, some don’t, but they are all just potential friends. Anyway, thanks for today’s rant 🙂

    • TommyK says:

      I am right there with you. I would love nothing more than to be able to educate that evil in any form, no matter what color skin the person has, is plain wrong. You and I are both also realistic enough to no be naive to think that people will ever be able to truly see past skin color. And by “people,” I mean society as a whole.
      Wouldn’t it be great if it never changed from, as you put it, “because as of now, they recognize color without making a qualification?” I think it would be, and that is how it should be. If only everyone saw the next person as a potential friend (also nicely put), we would be better off. Maybe that is too idealistic of a goal to have, but it sure would be worth reaching for.
      I was struggling with whether or not to address any of this in the first place, but I just go so fed up with reading and seeing things like this happening.

  3. All the comparisons are ridiculous. It’s wrong that any of these people lost their lives. and even more wrong that we have so many murders to report in such a short period of time. All the killing should stop. Trayvon’s image has become immortal.
    We should all wear it and burn it into the psyche of this society.

    Let this child be the last one taken.
    Don’t forget this brother.
    The world deserves better and so does he.

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