Just Amazing

It’s a sad commentary on what we, as a country, focus on.  Since Tuesday, you can barely turn on a news channel or visit their website without seeing some sort of mention of the “fake” sign language interpreter at the Nelson Mandela memorial.  It’s everywhere.

What is lost, however, is an amazing and heartwarming display of actual sign language.  I briefly, and I mean briefly, saw a clip of the story on TV today and had to fire up a search engine for more information, but what I saw was downright amazing.

You can, and I encourage you to do so, read more and watch the video by clicking here, but I will summarize it for you.

The video shows a kindergarten student named Claire Koch performing in her school’s Christmas program.  More importantly, it shows her both singing audibly with the rest of her class, and signing the songs so that her parents can enjoy the show.  While her mother can lip read, her father cannot and only understands ASL, and Claire made sure that both could enjoy the production, along with the parents in the audience who could hear the performance.

Well-done, Claire Koch.  Well-done.


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