Just Win

“Just Win Baby.”  It’s a simple motto, and one that has been associated with the Oakland Raiders for as long as I can remember.  Late owner Al Davis had the right approach when his Raiders adopted the motto.  Just win.  In football, that is all that matters.  His team, the other NFL teams, and college teams, are judged by how many games they win.

Which brings me to this.  In the wake of Auburn’s thrilling victory over Alabama this past weekend in the Iron Bowl, there is already talk that the winner of the SEC Championship Game this weekend, should leap-frog Ohio State and into the National Championship Game in Pasadena, assuming Ohio State wins.  The winner would take on Florida State, assuming the Noles win this weekend.

Make no mistake about it, I am no Ohio State fan, and I find very few opportunities to defend them, but in this case, it is warranted.  Contrary to what the Auburn AD might have people believe, it would not be “un-American” if a team from the SEC was not in Pasadena.  Not one bit at all.

Winning is what matters, and Ohio State and Florida State have won all of their games thus far.  They are the only two to be able to make that claim.  If they both win this weekend, they both deserve to be in Pasadena.  Period.

I don’t want to hear about strength of schedule or how tough a conference is.  I want to hear about what matters.  Wins.  Last I checked, both teams in the SEC Championship Game have one loss.  It does not matter to me at all that Missouri lost in double overtime; they still lost.  Auburn lost by 14 to LSU.  Lost.

I doubt that I am alone in my thinking on this.  I also think that a team should not be able to play for the National Championship without having first won their conference, and a few years ago, a team from the SEC made it to the National Championship without even winning their division.  That’s right, they did not even win their division, conference be damned.

I guess while I am at it, I should point out something else that I find ridiculous:  people who will rant and chant “SEC-SEC” about how great their conference is.  I have had friends of mine who are Florida fans rub in my face that the SEC has won the last 7 BCS Championships; they brag that Alabama has won the last two and three of the last four.  Cheering for how great your conference is is sort of like a Red Sox fan hoping the Yankees can win the World Series for the pride of the American League East.  Stupid.  And not going to happen.

I honestly care only about one team’s chances of going to Pasadena, and that is Florida State’s.  Who they play does not matter to me one bit.