Call It What It Is

As the Friday deadline creeps up on Arizona Governor Jan Brewer regarding a potential veto of SB 1062 in her state, I think it might be time to call the bill what it is.  If you are not familiar with the bill, it was passed under the guise of “religious freedom,” along party lines, with Republicans voting in favor, and Democrats voting against passage.

The bill would make it legal in Arizona for businesses to discriminate against a patron based on their sexual orientation.  Unreal.

So, let’s call that bill exactly what it is…it is hate.  It is hate mixed with fear, and it is being passed off as religious freedom.

Supporters of the bill claim that doing business with gay people somehow violates their right to practice their chosen religion.  I don’t stoop this low often, but I think an exception is necessary.  That is a stupid argument made by small-minded and simple people.

Can someone please tell me how someone’s sexual orientation infringes on another person’s right to practice their religion?  The simple answer is that it does not.  Which brings us to the essence of this bill in Arizona.

It is hate, pure and simple.  Now, I know that not all conservatives or Republicans hate homosexuals, but the voices in that camp sure are louder than the voices of reason.  John McCain’s opposition is being drowned out by the hate-filled ramblings of Rush Limbaugh, and sadly, more people look to Rush to give them their opinions than listen to voices of reason like John McCain (at least on this issue he is being a voice of reason).

I am sick and tired of people hiding behind the Bible and religion to spread their hate.  I thought the Bible was all about love and forgiveness and atonement for sins, but too many people use it as their handbook for hate.

Supporters of this bill that legalizes hate will scream loud and proud (although why would they be proud of being hate-filled people?) that their right to practice their religion is being trampled on by serving gays.  Wrong.  Plain and simple.  Serving homosexuals does not infringe on anybody’s right to practice their religion.  If you think otherwise, you need to think again.

Let me put it another way.  What if Governor Brewer does not veto and allows this type of discrimination to take place?  What would the outrage be if this were law and a Muslim business owner or Jewish business owner refused to serve someone who is a Christian?  I bet Arizona Republicans would be beside themselves if that were to take place.  That, my friends, is hypocrisy in the truest form.


A Counfounding Opposition

Sometimes (ok, a lot of times), I really do not understand the motivations of people.  And yes, those who have the most success at confounding me are often those who identify as conservatives.  I am sure there is a deeper reason somewhere out there, but I am not going to search for it today.

We all know by now, or if we don’t, we should click here, how Ann Coulter feels about people with disabilities.  She does not hold back.  She is an idiot, but she does not hold back, and her opinion is obvious.  Until today, I was not clear that Rick Santorum (former Republican candidate for President in 2012) and Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) shared a similar view as Ann Coulter.  I consider myself educated, although the same cannot be said for Santorum and Lee.

Maybe they are not “picking on” people with disabilities per se, but it sure seems that way.  Otherwise, why in the world would they oppose the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People With Disabilities being ratified in Congress?  It has pretty strong bipartisan support; even John McCain supports it (and he pretty much does not support anything these days).  126 other countries have ratified it, but Santorum and Lee are scared of it for some reason.

The Convention prevents discrimination against people who are blind, have AIDS, are in a wheelchair, or are otherwise disabled.  Rick Santorum claims the Convention is “a direct assault on us,” and Mike Lee believes that ratification is a threat to American sovereignty.  Say what?  Prevention of discrimination threatens our sovereignty as a nation?  That’s a new one.

Santorum and Lee claim that their opposition has nothing to do with people with disabilities, but with the United Nations itself.  Apparently, anything and everything the United Nations does is an effort to take over the United States.  These guys are nuts.  Or have they solved the great mystery of President Obama?  Is President Obama really a spy for the United Nations, who in his second term will cede control over our country to the United Nations?  Maybe that is his plan for after Inauguration Day.  Santorum and Lee might be on to something huge here; they may have only grazed the tip of the iceberg in opposing the Convention.  Maybe the Convention is just a small part of the plan of President Obama and the U.N. to turn the United States into a dictatorship.  Or maybe their tinfoil hats have too much leftover turkey juice and have caused them to make even more ridiculous claims than usual.

I am not into conspiracy theories, so I am not someone who believes that the United Nations is trying to take over our country, not do I believe that President Obama is some sort of Manchurian Candidate.  What I do believe is that Santorum and Lee have taken quite the fall from the crazy wagon.  Some people just never cease to amaze me (or confound me).

For more on the U.N. Convention, check out Rachel Maddow’s blog about it (here) or Dana Milbank’s article about it (here).